Our team
has four years of experience in repair of cellphones


About us

About us
Alpro Phone Repairs (APR) is a leading Device repair company with a combined experience of over 10 years in Mobile repairs. Our experience in mobile repairs makes us a leader in the industry and most reliable. Our customers are more then satisfied with our services and always have good reviews about our company. Our reliability and consistent approach leads us to success in the industry and takes us to the next level. We have grown and will continue to grow at a consistent growth rate in the future.
Alpro Phone Repairs ( APR) has great potential and is looking to expand in several locations across DFW markets to make a presence and serve our patrons.

About our Technician

We are Blessed to have the best Mobile/ Device repair Technician who has brought Alpro to great Heights, We would like to let our customers know who is going to fix and repair their Device. Mr. Ali Kooshki, is a well known name in the device repair industry and can smell the problem as soon as he sees the broken device. Ali is attached to professionalism like life to a body, And yes without any exaggeration and doubts. He has over 10 years of experience in Mobile repairs and refurbishing screens. His qualifications are to fix all Apple / Samsung devices, Battery replacements, Circuit issues, and all kinds of technical and hardware issues. Please ask for ALI when visiting our store.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

In most cases, the cellphone can be repaired and it depends on the amount of damage, and when you go to repair it. In some cases, the passage of time causes increasing the amount of damage.
In most cases, cellphones with cracked screen can work. But over the time, the amount of damage will increase and the screen cannot prevent the entry of dust and damp into your phone, so it causes damages for important internal parts.
By contacting to our experts and fully expressing the problems of your cellphones, you can find out the cost of repairs faster and more accurately for free.
This is not recommended, because it will often results in more damage and more costly repairs.
The best way to prevent damage when cellphone is getting wet is to go to a repairman quickly and dry the internal pieces of the phone. Items such as rice or water absorber napkins only dry the external surfaces. Do not turn on and use the cellphone in this case.
Use the original charger and the original cable. Clean up the charging port once in a while. Do not charge the phone frequently during the day. Use the phone's energy saving programs
Using cases and screen protectors is one of the best ways to physically protect your cellphone.